Monica Hansen

Author. Speaker. Podcaster. Mother. Wife

Monica Hansen

Author. Speaker. Podcaster. Mother. Wife.

Captured By His Heart: Poetry of Healing and Revelation

Written By: Monica Hansen

A profound collection of inspired poems that gives way to the testament of my faith journey towards a discovery of God’s love. Podcaster, Monica Hansen learns to surrender her emotional wounds to God, and finds her heart in a place of wholeness through his love.

Who Am I to you? – This poem hit home for me. It was a poem that reached down into the depths of my soul and it was as if God heard my heart asking him through the brokenness.

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Monica was such a delight! She interviewed my artist, Julius Adams. She was amazing and he had such a great time on her podcast. Make sure to check out The Graceful Warrior, you won’t be disappointed. I would highly recommend her and her podcast, The Graceful Warrior.

Andrea Nicole Listener

Thank you Monica for giving me the opportunity to share my story about @Way2Forgiveness.

Erin Dooley Podcast Guest

I received the link for our podcast last night and had the chance to watch it today. I LOVED it! You are a fantastic hostess and made me feel so comfortable. I want to thank-you again for allowing me to appear on your show - it was great!

Guy Cane Jr. Podcast Guest
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Meet Monica

Welcome to my mountain sanctuary in the heart of Idaho. This is where my spirit thrives amidst the rugged beauty of nature. My days are filled with the thrill of UTV rides and the calmness of kayaking on the winding rivers. It’s a life that echoes the freedom and adventure that I cherish.

My salvation came unexpectedly, a revelation that arrived through the profound teachings of Kim Clement. He was teaching with a side of Jesus that was entirely new to me, one that liberated me from the constraints of disbelief and opened my eyes to true freedom.

I am a testament to the power of faith and the courage to stand unwaveringly in the face of adversity. My belief is my shield, my boldness a gift from Jesus himself. I am committed to living by the Word of God, fully armored and prepared for whatever lies ahead, until my watch ends.

As an author, I am thrilled to share my journey through my writings. “Captured By His Heart,” released in June 2024, is just the beginning. With another book on the horizon, I invite you to join me in exploring the depths of faith and the heights of freedom.

Beyond my life of adventure and faith, I am blessed with a great family. Married to Michael, I have two grown sons, Matthew and Trevor. 

My service of 6 yrs in the United States Army has instilled in me a sense of leadership and strength that I carry into every aspect of my life.